St. Patrick, potatoes, and Guinness – all things that come to mind when people think of Ireland. But Ireland is so much more than just that. Exciting nightlife, scenic views, and a rich culture make Ireland a must visit country.

The amount that Ireland has to offer you on an Ireland Tour will make you feel like you found your own pot of gold!

From taking in gorgeous views of Ireland’s Atlantic west coast or living it up in one of the cool cities, going on Ireland tours will be one you won’t ever forget.

With Irish tourism booming more than ever, don’t be the one to miss out while all your friends experience a once in a lifetime trip! Follow along to take a virtual tour to see what awaits you!

Eat, Drink, and be Merry!

Ireland’s food scene is slowing gaining steam as some of the best seafood in the world. Surrounded by water, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Their fishing and oyster industry is first class and delicious.

Irish Salmon is to die for!

Ireland also gives France a run for its money when it comes to cheeses. Gubbeen House in County Cork has some amazing, world famous award winning cheeses.

And because nobody can cook like momma can, you’ll find a lot of great cuisine in Ireland is all locally owned and operated while being kept in the family names

On any Ireland tours you go on, be sure to take in some of the local cuisines.

While Ireland is so much more to do in Ireland than drink Guinness, let’s not act like that isn’t a huge draw. World famous Guinness has its brewery headquarters in Dublin at St. James Gate Brewery.

Be sure to stop in there, see how the famous beer is brewed and definitely get a sample or two!

After you’re done at Guinness, you’ll have the rest of the night to enjoy and revel in all the Dublin’s exciting nightlife has to offer!

While Dublin gets all the glory, Cork, Ireland is the country’s unsung hero. Like Venice of Italy, Cork is a city on the water. Cork, while it has been around a long time, is becoming a cool and hip city for those seeking a good time.

Cork has many great restaurants to offer citizens and tourists alike, as well as a lively music scene! The architecture in Cork is beautiful as well so if somehow music and good food aren’t your things, you’ll still have plenty of sightseeing to do!

Take the Scenic Route

Now that we’ve talked a little about Cork and Dublin, let’s get out of the cities for a bit. The rolling hills of Ireland’s countryside are some of the prettiest landscapes on earth.

However, there’s more to Ireland’s beauty than just its never ending hills. Ireland’s national parks will take your breath away.

In County Mayo is Ballycroy National Park, it’s an International Dark Sky Park. You’ll feel like you’re practically in space with how many stars you’ll be able to see in the night sky.

Get amazing views of Ireland’s mountains and lakes at Killarney and Wicklow Mountains National Park and see one of the most awe-inspiring castles in Glenveagh National Park.

Ireland’s countryside beauty is simply breath-taking. Full of lush green land and the prettiest wildflowers, don’t just hang out in Ireland’s cities or you’ll miss out on some of the best parts about Ireland tours.

Nature lover or adrenaline junkie?

Ireland has something for you too! With their mountains come some great hiking trails and mountain biking paths. But an island is going to let their inland sports outdo their water sports.

Ireland has some gnarly waves, brah!

Surfing is huge and you can catch some great waves in Sligo, West Cork (there’s that town, again), and Bundoran.

Hanging ten isn’t the only option either. Great Kayaking and paddleboarding areas are abound in Ireland as well!

Historic Ireland Tours

Ireland has been around for a long time. It’s got plenty of history for all you history buffs out there!

Ireland actually has tombs that are older than those in Egypt! In fact, in County Meath, you’ll find the Bru Na Boinne Tombs that are older than Stonehenge, too!

Dublin is a UNESCO city because of its rich history in literature. Some of history’s biggest authors, like CS Lewis and Samuel Beckett, were Irish:

It’s amazing how much awesome Ireland can pack into such a small country.

The best part about Ireland tours is that you can take them year round. There truly is never a bad time to visit Ireland.

While the Emerald Isle may get a rep for being gray and windy, Ireland is actually considered to have a temperate climate meaning it never gets too hot or too cold – just like baby bear’s porridge.

Because it never gets too hot or cold, you’ll never have to worry about sweating through your clothes during a pub crawl in the summer or shivering until your teeth break while taking a stroll through the countryside.

As touched on briefly before, the old castles in Ireland’s countryside are some of the most majestic castles you’ll ever find. Bonus – you can even stay in some of them!

Parkes Castle in Leitrim was built in the 1600s but after renovations in the 20th century, it is now a place you can stay for a night or two during your Ireland tours.

Some of Malahide Castle in Malahide has been standing since the 12th century! Full of rich history, this castle should definitely be on any history junkies itinerary.

Ireland Is Calling, Folks!

No matter what you’re into, you are sure to fall in love with all the Ireland has to offer. It’s a small country but just one Ireland tour may just not be enough to see everything in Ireland.

It doesn’t matter when or where in Ireland you visit, you’ll be struck by the sights of her natural beauty, her fun cities full of unique European architecture, and the long, interesting history of the Emerald Isle.

Be sure to book and Ireland tour as soon as possible!

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