Imagine going to England, seeing the sights, and then sitting down for some boring, bland chain food.

No one wants to eat that kind of monotonous, familiar food when they’re traveling. Going to new places is a fantastic opportunity to explore restaurants, try local cuisine, and maybe splurge a bit on some food you might not eat in your home country.

The hard part? There are so many restaurants in England that making the right choice can be really tough. After all, it would sour anyone’s travel experience if they tried a restaurant on a whim and it ended up being terrible.

That’s why we’re here. We’re going to give you a culinary guide to eating in England, whether you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian meals, cheaper to midrange feasts, or the absolute cream of the crop.

Ready? Let’s tuck into our flavorful guide to the tastiest restaurants in England.

Wait, How do You Decide What’s “Tastiest”?

That’s a good question!

When we were researching restaurants to present, we wanted to look for three main categories.

The first category is diet: we wanted to look for great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in case you’ve got dietary restrictions or preferences. You shouldn’t have to compromise in another country, after all.

The second is pricing. Traveling can be expensive, and you don’t want to blow all of your money on the first few meals. We’ve picked a few modestly priced restaurants to give you both a great culinary and financial experience.

Finally, we’ve picked blowouts. While modest eating is great for most of the trip, sometimes you want a high-end, luxurious feast to remember for weeks afterward. We’ll make sure to steer you to trustworthy joints that won’t cause you to declare bankruptcy.

1. Vegetarian and vegan

First, we’ll go over some of the absolute tastiest vegetarian and vegan restaurants in England.

Terre à Terre

Who said vegetarian food has to be boring?

Terre à Terre’s menu is fun, playful, and most of all, indulgent. Their theory is that vegetarians shouldn’t have to miss out on the spice of life that is tasty cuisine. Intriguing dishes like the “Chimchimney Soufflé” and “Aubergine Genie” are sure to delight (and fill your stomach, too).

They also have vegan choices, so don’t worry about bringing vegan friends!


For people looking for a quick vegetarian lunch or a cheap option, Iydea’s cafeteria style serves you quickly but doesn’t skimp on flavor and quality.Just choose a main dish, two sides, and toppings, and you’re good to go.

The menu changes daily, so visiting twice in one trip might even leave you surprised.

The Prince George

While this Brighton pub might not seem the likeliest vegetarian location, the chefs here serve up delicious veggie grub alongside a solid selection of alcohols. Pop in for a quick lunch and be surprised by the wide array of vegetarian options.

2. Eating on a budget

Let’s be real here. Sometimes you’re not looking for an exquisite plate of the world’s most expensive caviar. Sometimes, you want a quick bite so you can get out and keep touring.

We wanted to pick places that won’t compromise the quality of the food for the cost. There’s no quick burger chains here, no microwaved food. This is quality stuff sold at prices you’ll enjoy.

If that sounds good to you, then look no further. Here are some of the best restaurants in England (on a budget).


When you want a fiery bite of something extremely delicious, Bao is your place. Originally a Taiwanese street food outfit, Bao brings you affordably-priced bites of doughy deliciousness while boasting an impressive drink menu. Inventive, interesting, and flavorful — all what you want in a lunch.

Ceviche Soho

Peruvian might not be your first thought for restaurants in England, but don’t be fooled. This restaurant serves up some serious ceviche, as well as a variety of kebabs and grilled meats that will delight your palate.

Who said explosive flavor couldn’t be achieved on a tight budget?

Counter Culture

When you’re looking for contemporary European cuisine, Counter Culture is the place to go. The amount of culinary care sliced into the food is astounding. If you can sit near the chefs, do it. They’ll be happy to tell you about how much love they put into each dish, and you’ll find that flavoring the food.

Be warned: the place is small, so get there early or call ahead.

3. Absolute blowout Restaurants in England

These are the kind of places that you need to plan for. Break out the big wallet, stuff it full, and head out for the night of your life.

Unfortunately, to live like the rich you have to spend like the rich. These are some of the finest, most avant-garde restaurants in England, and command the price to show it. If you’re prepared to shovel out the dough, though, they can be some of the best experiences you’ll have.

The Manor

The Manor is the least expensive in the blowout list, but features tons of flavor and inventive European cuisine. There are tasting menus to try, as well as snacks at the bar. You can even sit and watch the dessert chefs make nitro ice cream (amongst other undoubtedly-tasty concoctions).


At a circular robata grill, the chef cooks everything, putting on a tremendous show for guests. But don’t be fooled by the pageantry — the food here is seriously flavored and seriously priced. The tasting menus are a great start, especially for those unfamiliar with Japanese and Korean styles of cooking and food.

Just try everything. You’ll like it.

Social Eating House

While an informal feeling experience, the menu and food command the respect of any modern kitchen. The menu is imaginative and sometimes theatrical, making this one of the more eye-catching restaurants in England. Look for the shareable appetizer jars and the course meals.


Whether you’re vegetarian, budget conscious, or looking for modern, high-end cuisine, we’ve got you covered.

When in doubt, let us help you make your trip the best it can be.

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